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You should consider putting your motorcycle on a Dyno when you have fitted an aftermarket exhaust, dynojet kit, ram air or anything which will affect the performance of your bike. Moto Garage will be able to set up your motorcycle for its ultimate performance.

Moto Garage tuning experience


With over 30 years of experience, Brett is a seasoned motorcycle mechanic, and Dyno Jet certified, who knows how to interpret the results of a dyno test.


Brett can tune motorcycles of every size and category and can expertly restore lost power and access the untapped potential of your engine.

Brett takes his time with every motorcycle, creating maps for all throttle percentages in every gear and will provide a before and after report to compare differences.

We use the Dyno as a diagnostic tool to identify fuelling issues, misfires and flat spots.

What options are available at Moto Garage?

The most common upgrade for the fuel injected motorcycle is a fuel management device. At Moto Garage we supply and install:

Woolich Racing

ECU Flashing products for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW and Ducati motorcycles.


Tune Boy

Specialising in Ducati Panigale, Diavel and MTS1200.
Tuning software, cruise control, quick-shifter, launch control and map switching.


Rapid Bike

Rapid Bike Tuning Modules employ world leading auto-adaptive technology that produces more power and torque across the entire RPM range giving you the ultimate riding experience.


Power Commander

 Powerful device that can completely overhaul your driving experience. Attached to your motorcycle as a piggyback device that optimizes your air/fuel ratio, this device can then be easily uninstalled to return to stock settings.


ECU (engine control unit) tuning

Tuning your motorcycle’s engine control unit can substantially enhance the performance of the sensors and the timing, therefore improving the overall ride. Tuning your ECU is also known as “flashing,” and the process of this flashing is a procedure where the software is updated to run your motorcycle more smoothly and more in precision with your riding style.

Essentially, flashing or tuning your engine control unit is a remapping of the settings within the software. It is the bike engine equivalent of cleaning out, rebooting, and updating your computer, because the chip of your engine control unit is based on erasable or modifiable programmed that can be re-tuned. The same way your technology will work faster and more smoothly when taken care of in this way, your motorcycle will run at more optimal performance when you flash the ECU.

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